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Shawl Bath Robes

Prevent Air Exposure to Your Neck and Chest after a Bath, Shower or Waking up from a Warm Bed Buying Spa Quality Luxury Bathrobes Lined with Shawl Collars.  We offer Personalized Men’s, Women’s and Children’s Plush Shawl Collar Bathrobes with Plus Sizes Available.

Whether you are waking up in the morning from a warm cozy bed, getting out of the shower or after a long hot bath in the winter time it very important to keep warm particularly in your chest area.  You want something that covers the entire body making you feel very secure and comfortable. Using bath towels to wrap around your neck to cover up your chest creates a thick layer around your chest but is not very practical and grabbing a blanket or throw can cover your entire body but hang loose when trying to be mobile thus exposing by your chest and body to the brisk air.  Having something quick to put on that is thick which also covers your neck and chest area is what we are all looking for.

Spa quality terry bathrobes that are lined with a long thick shawl collar cover from your neck leading down to your chest area.  The long shawl collar on the bathrobe is layer with extra thick cotton fabric to help air from escaping up top from the neck or chest area.  The lined shawl collar also cross over each other to aid in securing coverage from the brisk air. 

There are a lot of different types of spa quality luxury bathrobes to choose from that are lined with a thick shawl collar.  Chenille shawl collar bathrobes are fluffy and fuzzy, but not itchy giving it the tufted appearance making it very soft.  The short loops in the core of the fabric used when making chenille shawl collar robes gives it that soft light plush fell.  On the hand wearing plush terry shawl collar bathrobes have a frizzy look making them very thick and absorbing more water quickly due to the long loops that are used keeping you dry and comfortable with a slightly heavier feel.  Spa quality bathrobes that are lined with shawl collars are one of the best solutions for men, women and children to keep them warm around the chest area.

Ravin Robes offers a variety of spa quality luxury bathrobes with shawl collars for men, women and children of all different sizes.  Customers have the opportunity to choose from varies colors with the option to personalize their shawl collar robe with monogrammed initials or an embroidered name.  Being an online based allows us to pass savings onto our customers by not having the overheads that retails stores do.  If you have any questions about our spa quality luxury bathrobes lined with shawl collars please contact us and one our representatives will assist you.

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