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Microfiber Bath Robes

Get a Long Lasting, Lightweight, Breathable, Mildew, Mold and Stain Resistant Luxury Bathrobe Buying a Long Super Plush Microfiber Robe.  We offer Personalized Men’s and Women’s Spa Quality Polyester Bath Robes with Plus Sizes Available

The convenience of being able to take a long hot spa bath or shower and then slip into a comfortable plush luxury hotel spa bathrobe that is comfortable, warm, dries quickly and will maintain its fabric integrity can be a bit of a challenge.  Luxury terry cotton bathrobes are known to absorb water easily and are really great robes. However, men’s and women’s terry cotton bathrobes are extremely thick which prevents moisture from escaping. This causes them to stay damper longer and in some cases for mold and/or mildew to develop.  It also prevents your skin from being able to breathe slowing down the drying off process. Lastly like any cotton product, they stain easily and after a few washes these once plush luxury looking and feeling men’s and women’s bathrobes start to look a bit shabby. Luxury spa quality microfiber polyester bathrobes are a bit more expensive than other plush robes, but are more lightweight and breathable.

Microfiber men’s and women’s bathrobes with terry cotton lined collars are made from fine synthetic polyester or cellulose fabric that creates the appearance and texture of natural cloth.  The fibers used to make microfiber bathrobes are cut to be 1/16 the width of human hair. This gives even long and plus size polyester microfiber bathrobes an extremely soft super lightweight feel, luxury appearance and is what makes them so breathable.  The millions of micro-loops give microfiber bathrobes fantastic water absorbency to enhance its plush and lightweight characteristics. Because spa quality microfiber bathrobes are so breathable they dry off quickly, allow your skin to breathe and dry. It also makes them highly resistant to both mold and mildew reducing odor and allows them to last longer.  Polyester is one the most durable fabrics used to create men’s and women’s spa quality luxury robes, allowing microfiber bathrobes with terry cotton lined collars to survive and stay looking and feeling new up to 50 washes longer than average cotton bathrobes.  They are also more resistant to spots and stains then traditional cotton bathrobes.

Ravin Robes makes it easy and affordable for you to get spa quality plush microfiber polyester bath robes.  Our long microfiber bathrobes with terry cotton lined collars are available for men and women of all sizes including plus sizes with different colors to choose from. You are also able to personalize your luxury spa quality bathrobe at no additional charge. Being an online based store we do not have many of the expensive operating costs of traditional stores. We pass these savings onto our customers allowing us to offer the best super plush personalized microfiber bathrobes with terry cotton lines collars for sale at everyday cheap discount price with fast affordable shipping. If you have any questions about any of our super plush personalized men’s and women’s microfiber luxury bathrobes that are also available in plus sizes please let us know, and one of our representatives will be more than happy to assist you.
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