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Velour Bath Robes
Stay Insulated with Soft, Stretchy Luxury Velour Cotton Spa Quality Bathrobe.  We offer a Big Collection of Long Velour Cotton Bath Robes for Men, Women and Kids Girls and Boys Monogrammed and Embroidered For Free.

When waking up from a warm cozy bed to the cold brisk air or lounging around after following a long day and you just want to throw something on to stay warm and comfortable, it is very sensible to choose something inexpensive and affordable.  We want that heated warmish feeling to never leave.  Pajamas robes are not enough to keep you warm and blankets or throws are great to get under to cover your body with but they hang loose and do not conform to the body to keep it warm.  When using long blankets or expensive throws to stay warm it is very important for us to move around while we lounge without exposing some part of our body letting air in for a brief moment.  On the other hand, pajamas robes are exceptional for covering the entire body but are usually made of thin fabric thus not being warm enough.  Having something quick to put on that is thick, comfortable and clings close to the body which also inexpensive and affordable is really what you’re looking for.

Velour is thick and comfortable type of bathrobe that stretches to fit the body and keep heat close to the skin.  Beautiful knitted, stretch-ready and malleable, velour spa bathrobes are made with high quality fabric that appears to be luxurious and high-end.  Velour bathrobes are usually made from a mixture of cotton and polyester.  The cotton gives the velour bathrobe a soft and comfortable feel and also provides a thick layer to keep warm.  The polyester mixture offers the look and feel of velvet fabric.  So no matter whether you are stepping out of shower or getting ready to lounge on the couch, you can dry off and relax in comfort while looking great too.  Another advantageous aspect of velour cotton is its affordability.  Velour cotton spa robes typically retail at a price that is less than half of what one might expect to pay for a velvet robe.

Not only do velour bathrobes provide a convenient stretch for optimum fit, velour spa bath robes are a great insulator.  Some velour bathrobes are made of 100% Turkish cotton with 19 ounces per square yard to create a robe that is four to five pounds per robe.  The fabric is velvety smooth velour on the outside and double long looped terry on the inside.  Velour cotton bathrobes are cuddly luxury robes that are perfect for wear during winter and fall and offer wonderful warmth combined with a luxurious appearance.

Ravin Robes offers a variety of plush luxury velour bathrobes of all sizes for men, women, girls and boys that inexpensive and affordable.  Selecting bathrobe colors like green, red and more have never been easier amongst our luxury velour hotel collection.  We make it easy and affordable for you to get the best luxury velour cotton bath robes.  Being an online based cotton spa robe store, we do not have the overhead of traditional stores. These unique online savings are passed to you allowing us to offer the very best hotel luxury collection that monogrammed velour cotton robes and other plush personalized spa bath and pajama robes for sale at everyday cheap discount price with fast affordable shipping. If you have any questions about any of our super plush monogrammed embroidered velour cotton robes or the personalization process please let us know, and one of our representatives will be more than happy to assist you.

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