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Chenille Bath Robes
Give Your Skin a Lightweight, Breathable, Stain Resistant, Soft & Fuzzy Feel Buying a Tresaro Chenille Bathrobe Full of Plush Cotton.  We offer Vintage Floor Length Luxury Cotton Chenille Bathrobes for Men & Women in Plus Size.
Finding a soft and luxurious felt full length bathrobe to relax and lounge around in after a long hot bath or quick shower that has all the qualities of being breathable, durable, stain restraint and water absorbent can be a bit challenge for men and women.  Luxury terry cotton bathrobes are known to absorb water easily however possible molds and mildew can develop since they are so thick and heavy making them not as breathable.  Microfiber bathrobes are durable, stain resistant and have moisture absorbency but do not have the softest luxurious feel.  Luxury vintage Tresaro chenille bathrobes for sale are durable, stain resistant, and have a more plush, lightweight and breathable advantage making them ideal for relaxation and comfort than other natural and synthetic fibers.

Luxury vintage Tresaro chenille cotton bathrobes for sale are soft with a warm feel that gives full length comfort for a woman’s relaxation.  They consist of a long fine synthetic fabric made of cotton, acrylic, wool, rayon or silk that creates the tufted appearance making it fluffy and fuzzy makes it distinguishable.  Vintage Tresaro chenille fabric, a French word for caterpillar, is manufactured by weaving shorter lengths of yarn fabric called the “pile” between two “core yarns” and then twisting the yarn together giving it the signature fuzzy look giving it that softness.  The edges of these piles then stand at right angles from the yarn’s core, giving Tresaro chenille both its softness and its characteristic look.  The fibers used to make full length luxury vintage Tresaro chenille cotton bathrobes are cut to be 10% the size of the human hair.

Because vintage Tresaro chenille is cut so thin there are more cotton strands used which along with the unique “caterpillar” weaving makes these luxury men’s and women’s bathrobes extremely soft, maximize water absorption and breathability and makes them very durable.  When compared to other luxury bathrobes vintage Tresaro chenille men’s and women’s robes are much softer and will whisk away moisture without becoming damp.  Vintage Tresaro chenille bathrobes can survive being washed up to 50x longer than average cotton bathrobes and still maintain their luxury plush integrity.  Besides being durable and extremely comfortable Tresaro chenille bathrobes are also more stain and spot resistant than other plush luxury cotton bathrobes.
Ravin Robes makes it easy and affordable for you to get the best most luxury cotton vintage Tresaro chenille bath robes.  Our luxury cotton vintage Tresaro chenille bathrobes are available for men and women in long, floor-length and plush size with different colors to choose from for hotels, spas and everyday customers.  Ravin Robes looks for ways to pass savings onto our customers allowing us to offer the best vintage Tresaro chenille bathrobes and personalized spa quality bathrobes for sale at everyday cheap discount price with fast affordable shipping. If you have any questions about any of our monogrammed vintage Tresaro chenille cotton bathrobes or the personalization process please let us know, and one of our representatives will be more than happy to assist you.
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